Conversational Warfare


I want you to consider a new tactic in your approach to telling the world about your faith. So often when we have the opportunity to tell someone about our faith, we tend to go on the defensive. We start trying to explain why the world is wrong and God is right. The fact of the matter is, if God needs us to defend Him or His message, then He isn’t as powerful as He claims to be. That is the message we send when we approach faith from a defensive point of view. What’s that? Oh you want to know what the new weapon is? Its discussion. It seems like when we go into a conversation about faith we go in with a game plan instead of just being able to engage in the give and take of a conversation. How is this a weapon? Well, Christians as a whole have a reputation for not listening. People would be more willing to hear what we have to say if we would be just as willing to hear what they have to say. God’s message is powerful but it has no power if we can’t get people to hear it. Instead of going in with the plan to tell them what they need to do to be right with God, go in with the plan to find out what they think, believe, know, and feel about God. If we can do that AND listen to what they say, we have a better chance of telling people what we think, believe, know, and feel about God. Use this new weapon wisely. Become the Target!


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