Perception is Reality


It’s the last week of school for pretty much everyone. Some of you have been out for a week and have been noticeably rubbing that fact in. Have you ever noticed how incredibly slow the week before your last week of school goes? I mean, honestly, how long did it take last Friday to get here? Or how about how fast last week came because you had a lot of things due last week? Or how about when you are on a long trip and you have to go to the bathroom? Have you noticed that it seems like the ten minutes it takes to get to the rest stop is longer than the two hours of the trip you have already taken? This to me is a clear example of how perception is reality. Did time actually speed up or slow down during those times? No, but because of the way we perceived time during that, it really seemed to. How often does our perception cloud the reality of who God is. God is the most loving being to ever exist, but that doesn’t matter if we perceive Him as the angry judge. God is a benevolent giver, but that doesn’t matter if we only perceive him as a deity demanding sacrifice. Traditions are a wonderful means to and ends, but that doesn’t matter if we perceive the traditions as a requirement for honoring God. Descartes said, “I think therefore I am,” and as existential as we try to make that seem all he is really saying is, “I perceive therefore I create reality.” What would the world look like if we could be free of our perceptions, and view things as they are, as God sees them? It’s a thought isn’t it? Become the Target.


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