I humbly ask your forgiveness for my tardiness in blogging. Needless to say…

Manifesto. Man-i-fest-o. I am growing to dislike that word more and more every day. There’s a manifesto for everything. There is a cooking manifesto, a car manifesto, even a bathroom manifesto. But the ones that irritate me the most, are the ones that claim to be a Christian’s manifesto for anything. “Rob you keep saying manifesto but I don’t know what that is!” A manifesto is : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. See why it might irritate me that something would claim to be a Christian’s manifesto. My manifesto is and always will be the living word of God. I will read books that will help me grow in my understanding of that Word but I will never claim it to be my manifesto. I will read articles that will encourage me to go out and act on my faith not just fill a pew but will never take that encouragement over the Word of God. Maybe that’s what we have such a hard time with. There are so many manifestos in the world we can’t find the true one. People who have manifestos are usually people who are about to start a movement or are trying to inspire a change in actions or mindset. I’m pretty sure that’s what the bible is all about. God’s word is movement. You cannot read it honestly and not be inspired and required to act. Maybe that’s why we want manifestos to tell us what to do, because those manifestos don’t require near as much as THE Manifesto does. Become the Target.


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