New Gnosticism


Just got back from camp to post this. I’ll try and go back and post a couple more when I get to the office on Tuesday.

Camp so far has been a pretty cool experience. I would use this space to tell you all about the things that are happening but the topic of camp seems more relevant to me today. As most of the kids are with me today I realize that the people reading this are most likely adults. We have been studying the book of Colossians this week, and one of the main things the congregation in Colossae was dealing with were Gnostics. What the Gnostics were doing was using old irrelevant traditions to unnecessarily encumber the new Christians. They would use Jewish traditions that would have been at least somewhat familiar to these brothers and sisters, and they would claim to have some secret knowledge that made them better Christians than everyone else. And it made me wonder, have we become Gnostics? Do we hold to outdated traditions in order to give us some feeling of holiness? Do we try and force things that were relevant and necessary in the past, to fit in the future because it just easier? Do we think that we have some secret that other people of faith don’t that makes us better Christians or makes God like us better? The thing that sticks out most to me about Gnosticism is that all it requires to succeed is laziness. Paul prayed that the church in Colossae would be filled with the knowledge that leads them to bear good fruit, aka doing something with your faith not just sitting around gaining more knowledge. I think he was praying for us to. If all we do is get together at the “next appointed time” and do nothing in between those times to act out our faith what good are we? I think its time we stop relying on our secret knowledge and our outdated traditions and start leaning on the wisdom and knowledge that God gives us, which, if pure, MUST lead to action. Become the Target


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