Standing on the chocolate cake of God.


In the 60’s a man was asked to take over the youth group in a small church in Monahans. He was a fairly new Christian, and though he had 7 kids, he really had no experience working with the youth. He started having the kids all get together between class and services on the front 2 rows of the auditorium and have “spontaneous singing,” meaning that, if there was a song you wanted to sing you just started it. So, one of the deacons didn’t like it and took it on himself to put a stop to it. This launched a series of elders and deacon’s meetings to determine what is to be done about this. The deacon who was championing this just happened to be the son of the most affluent and influential elder of the small congregation. At the meeting where a final decision was to be made, the deacon got up and railed against the singing, and at the height of his argument against it, he said, “Well what do you think Dad?” His dad said, “ I don’t like it.” This deacon smiled a large smile knowing that this was the final word on the situation. But then his father said, “But, I also don’t like chocolate cake, and I’m not going to tell everyone else they can’t have chocolate cake because I don’t like it.” That turned out to be the final word on it. Thanks to that elder’s decision to not let his preferences become what guided the church, you have me. You see, that new Christian was my grandfather, and a matter of preference, almost convinced him to leave the church. My parents met at a church prayer breakfast. It’s doubtful that they would have met had that one elder chosen to follow his preferences instead of his faith. Be careful when you take a stand. Make sure you are standing on The Rock, and not chocolate cake. Become the Target


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