Africa by Toto


There is a song by Toto called Africa. You all know it by now and I dare say that many of you have bought it from iTunes or Amazon. From the reactions you all have to it, it has become a song you love. It’s brand new to you, and it is with out a doubt an amazing song but, have you ever noticed how many times you hear it now? I mean it was on my playlist up to Pine Springs and then Kolby did a little skit (?) to it. I know that after we got back from camp just about everywhere I went I heard the song. What I’m wondering is, has the song recently become more popular, or has it been there all along and I just never noticed it? I had a friend tell me once that when he got his Dodge Charger, thinking he was part of an elite group of Charger owners, he started seeing them EVERYWHERE! I think its that way with God’s blessings in our lives. We sit constantly in a pool of His favor and because its all around us we don’t see how deep it is. Until we immerse ourselves in them and try to swim to the bottom of it, we will never realize just how unfathomable His love for us really is. Have you ever been swimming in a pool only to look around and see all the leaves and bugs floating near you in the water? Those are kind of like the negative things in life. Its really easy to forget that you are in a HUGE pool of water that is way bigger than the leaves and bugs, and see only the bugs. Sometimes we get so focused on the negative things in life that we forget God’s blessing is all around us. And just like in that pool, you can take the bugs out and still have a pool, you can take the negative things out of your life and still have life. Spend more time in the pool than you do looking at the bugs. Become the Target.


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