My Return to Country Music


I used to listen to country music all the time. In fact for a greater part of my high school all I listened to was country. What I remember was I listened to it so much that it all started to sound the same after a while. All the songs sounded like other songs or the songs I heard I had heard 1000’s of times. So I hadn’t really listened to country music all that much in a long while. I still had my staples of George Straight, Johnny Cash, and Alabama, with my classic country but I never really sought out new country music. Recently I programmed a country station into Abby’s radio in her car. I drove her car to work this morning and I was tired of all the other stations so chose to listen to KCWAHWAH. A song came on that I just really loved but had never heard before. My love for country music had come back at least a little bit. I started remembering what I liked about country music. This song had everything I had liked about country and it was new!!! Have you ever had that experience with your relationship with God? You’ve been to church all your life and it feels like you’ve all the classes and sermons all sound the same or you’ve heard the same thing 1000’s of times, and then one day at camp, worship service, or class you choose to tune back in just for old times sake and everything seems new again. You start to remember why you fell in love with God again and everything you remember about the relationship before you stopped listening is there and its better than it ever was. I wish those moments for you. Those times when everything about who God is, is fresh and new to you. That everything seems to shine just a little brighter because you have gained something back you didn’t even know was missing. Become the Target.


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