The Perils of Driving in Texas.


One of the things I’ve had the hardest time with moving back to Texas is traffic. I grew up in Abilene so traffic was never really all that bad. Then when I lived in Oklahoma city they had way more road than they did people. A little known fact is that in a recent poll Oregon was number 1 in the best drivers in America. Texas ranked I think 48th or 49th. I think California was the worst (and I believe that). What I have noticed recently is that 90% of the problems I see while driving are self caused. I know, I know that sounds like a duh statement, but let me explain. Many of you are reading the nice little driver handbook. If you follow the rules in that book you will never get in an accident, right? What do you mean, no? Oh you mean everyone else has to follow those rules too? Its true that if everyone would do what they were taught in driver’s ed or read in that book the accidents wouldn’t happen near as much. And yes I am going where you think I’m going with this. Most of the problems in our lives are self caused. We do things that aren’t in the book and we cause problems in our own lives. But even if somehow we were able to do everything that was in the book the way its in the book wrecks would still happen because not everyone else is doing the same thing. Seems hopeless doesn’t it? Its actually quite the opposite. When wrecks happen in your life look to the book to see what you could have done different, its all there. And if it turns out you did all the right things and an accident happened anyway realize that your Father has the best roadside service that has ever existed. No matter how bad the wreck is your Father can fix it. He’s already replaced the wreck with the perfect ride. Become the Target


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