“…to live is Christ and to die is gain.” What does that even mean? At your age its kind of hard to understand. The older generation is starting to have friends die all around them and the urgency of this passage takes on a whole new meaning. They are starting to realize that they don’t have much time left and if they want the congregation they belonged to, to be better than when they started then they had better get cracking. But even your parents struggle with this passage because while 1 or 2 friends might pass away, those are usually unusual circumstances. But there are times where they sit back and say “I’ve been here 40 some odd years. Is this congregation any better because of me then when I started?” At least that is what I hope both of these groups do. You on the other hand, if one of your friends dies, its because something terrible happened. It’s hard to see the urgency of the message of Christ. What Paul is trying to say here is that for every second I’m alive no matter how many or how few I want to use them to influence people for Christ. I want to get to that last second, no matter when it comes, and know that I made an impact for Christ with my life. To know that when I die I didn’t let anything stand in the way of making my community a better place by being in it. So how does that pan out for you? Well realize that at most you only have 7 years left in the youth group. For some you only have 1. Use every second you have in this youth group to make it better so that when you graduate and go off to college you can look back and say “Yeah SPY was better because I was in it.” Leaving a healthy legacy is all any Christian can hope to do no matter how long or short his years. Become the Target


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