My Army Friend the Sissy


I have a friend in Afghanistan who is with E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Division). These are the guys the very day go and look for rocks with wires coming out of them or weird shapes in the middle of the road so people don’t get blown up. Recently my friend received a bronze star for the amount of missions he had been out on with no casualties. His unit has defused 100’s of Taliban I.E.D.’s (Improvised Explosive Device). Even the special forces guys thing that the EOD men are crazy. They have to be really brave to do this job. I told you all of this to tell you this story: Last week when his unit returned from patrol they found a GIGANTIC king cobra stuck to the mouse paper in their room. Now we have all seen the movies so we know what soldier do when faced with a cobra, you either grab it and throw it out the window or you take your big ol’ knife and take care of it. Is that was these guys who defuse bombs everyday do? Nope. They scream like girls (self described) and throw things at it like socks and shoes, cause as everyone knows snakes are violently allergic to sock and shoes. After the initial surprise they got their multi tool and took care it right? Nope they threw rocks at it till it died because they were afraid to get too close to it. So what does this have to do with anything? Simply this, no matter how tough we might be or how brave we may seem to be there is always a situation we will find ourselves in that we wish we had someone else to take care of us. Even the bravest of the brave can be reduced to a screaming child given the right circumstances. Isn’t it great to know that even in those circumstances we have a Father watching, and probably laughing, to make sure you are ok. Become the Target


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