Good Americans or Good Christians?


Sorry for the large gap in my blog. Things got crazy there for a while. I should be back on task now.


I was at Summit in Abilene a couple weeks ago, and in one of the sessions one of the youth ministers said something I thought was interesting. He said that we were doing a better job of raising good Americans than we were raising strong Christians. Basically what he was saying that when it came to what we were willing to sacrifice our time for, we were usually willing to sacrifice church time for other things. Its easy to say that school is more important or that sports are more important, but is it really. I think we would all at least say that our relationship with God is the most important thing to us, but its not what we say, its our actions that prove that. Sometime I think we have confused the American Dream with God’s will. We all want to be successful school because we think that if we get good grades we’ll get into better schools. If we get into better schools we will get better jobs when we get out of school. If we get better jobs, we’ll make better money. If we make better money we have a better shot at being happy and having a good life. That’s the American Dream and not necessarily a bad thing. But when you are willing to sacrifice time with your family (both families) to get those things is when you have a problem. Its really easy to think that the youth group is just something to entertain you or just a chance to be around other Christians. The truth is that this is the time where you start to develop your own faith and you are going to need tools and help to build a strong faith. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help you and your parents make sure that when you are out on your own you can have a real relationship with your Father to fall on. I can’t do that if you aren’t here. Become the Target.




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