Live it like a gunshot


As you all know I recently moved. If you didn’t know then…ummm….HEY I MOVED! We now live on in the relative boonies. Out there I rediscovered something I haven’t had in about a year, silence. Where we last lived we were really close to a main street, train tracks, major parkway, and Time Warner field. It was never quiet in that neighborhood. The first night Abby and I stayed in that house I asked her to listen and tell me if she heard that. She said, “What? The silence?” I just smiled. And then around 10 P.M. that night some one shot off a .45 handgun 3 times. The first time I almost thought it was just a car backfiring. The second time I knew it wasn’t, and that fact was confirmed by the fact that my dad came out and asked me what was going on. (He was the one that said it was a 45 I don’t know enough about guns to know the difference between the sounds.) With how quiet the neighborhood was the gunshots really stood out. I want to be a gunshot (shut up I know I’m loud, that’s not what I’m talking about). I want to stand it such stark contrast to the world I live in that it is unmistakable that I don’t belong here. I want my life to be a jarring example of the difference between what God has to offer and what the world has to offer. That’s what I think we were called to be. We have to be in this world. We don’t have to act like this world. If a few of our lives went off like gunshots I think we might even wake up some of the people around us. What would this world be like if our family meetings on Sunday and Wednesday looked like an old west celebrations with guns firing into the air? Think the world would take notice? Become the Target.




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