Like the Rock


Paul told the church at Corinth that we were all one body and each of us is a part. Today I want to update that a little bit and see what you think. The church is a car and all of us are a part. The youth are the engine. They produce the energy necessary to move the church forward. The older people are the steering mechanism. They make sure that the energy that the engine produces moves in the right direction. Your parents are the drive train and they help the energy you create get to the parts of the car needed so that the energy can be used. But what happens if there is an engine with no drive train or steering? Basically all that energy you create makes a lot of noise and burns a lot of fuel but that is all it does. What happens if the steering mechanism decides its been a part of the car for longer than anyone else and it has put in its time and so now its time to sit back and let the rest of the car do the work? Well if there is nothing guiding the car eventually its going to crash. What if the drive train says no matter what I do it doesn’t effect how fast the car runs or where it goes and I’m tired of it so I’m just going to let the engine and the steering work it all out? Well no matter how much energy the engine creates or how well the steering keeps the car on track the power isn’t getting to where its needed. Every part of the car is needed. If even one part of the car doesn’t do its job the WHOLE car is effected negatively. You are a very important part of that car. If you don’t provide energy and excitement to the car it can’t move as well. Sure the steering can move the car a little on its own but not like it can with you. Sure the drive train could be turned another way but not the way you can turn it. The choice is all of ours. Will we be a Ferrari or a Ford Pinto? Become the Target


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