Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor


Its interesting to me how much faith we are willing to put in doctors. Not that doctors are a bad thing but take a second and thing about what a doctor does. Basically you tell him what hurts or what doesn’t feel right and he take a highly educated guess at what’s wrong. Sometimes they are wrong. Let me give you a case in point: I have an uncle who was born with a lot of birth defects. He doesn’t have any identifiable condition he just has mental and physical disabilities. The doctors told Grandma and Grandpa that Allen (that’s my uncle) wouldn’t live to 10. Right now Uncle Allen is in his late 50’s. Think about all the times the doctors say “There is nothing we can do they only have 2 months at the most,” and then inexplicably (that means it can’t be explained) they are cured. I’m not saying we shouldn’t go see doctors when we need them but I want you to realize how much faith you put into a person who is really just guessing at what’s wrong with you. Now I want you to think about how much faith you put into God? He had the Bible recorded basically so that we could know what our spiritual symptoms were and how to go about getting them corrected. But how often do we read what we are supposed to do and say, “Yeah I hear what you are saying God but I think I want to get a second opinion.” Who exactly are you going to get that from? Usually you turn to yourself. Now you would never do that with a doctor because you know he knows better than you. Well guess what God not only knows how to fix your spiritual ailments but he knows how to fix your physical ones too. He kind of designed you that’s all. Trust the GREAT Physician and Become the Target.





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