Gleek No More


I have a confession to make, I used to be a Gleek. Ok so, most of you already know that I used to watch Glee, BUT what you don’t know is why I no longer watch. When I first started watching the show I was really drawn in be the creativity of the show and the music. Because it appealed to my interest I was willing to let a few things slide. What was I willing to let slide? Well in the first season they made abstinence a joke, pushed homosexuality, and used lying to your spouse about being pregnant as a plot device. All these things made me uncomfortable but I was willing to let them slide because I was trying to rationalize watching a show I enjoyed even though it had things in it I didn’t agree with. And seeing them all listed together like that lets me know that I should have stopped watching a long time ago. So what finally did it for me? They did a show on religious “tolerance.” In that show they were arguing for everyone’s right to believe or not believe. I can get behind that, until they made the representation of a Christian someone praying to a grilled cheese sandwich with the “face of Jesus” on it and calling it Grilled Cheezus. I was so put off by that episode and yet for some reason I gave it one more week. The next week was an entire episode touting Britney Spears as some sort of liberator. WHY did it take me so long to stop watching this show? Well the answer is easy. Satan knew what color of shiny candy wrapper would get my attention and draw me in.  I participated in and even supported a show that put out ideas that in no way line up even a little with my beliefs. I put that stuff in my head and even bought the music from the show. See the enemy doesn’t have to get you to participate in something that is wrong, he only has to wrap it in enough “It’s not that bad” to get you to let some things slide. Nothing slides. Become the Target




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