Real Giving


You know its real easy to misunderstand what the point of giving. A lot of times we approach it as something we are supposed to do, or as something that is our duty as a Christian. Sometimes we think of it as paying for the things we want to do with the church. The problem with both of these approaches is it eliminates both the blessing God intends giving to be AND the spiritual act that giving is supposed to be. We start to think that we need to give so the church can operate, and that thinking is flawed. The bottom line is God does not need your money. If He wants this church to take on a five million dollar project, He can provide the money for it. God doesn’t need anything from you. If we get it into our minds that the only reason the doors stay open here is because when the plate comes by on Sunday morning we put money in, then basically we are paying for the church. Well Christ already paid for it and no matter how much you put into the plate you can’t pay as much as He did, so He gets to make the rules. Giving is God’s way of letting us be apart of the work that is going on here. He gives us an opportunity to attach physicality to the gift we give. It helps us feel more involved. It is a blessing not a duty. So I know what you are thinking, this is a problem for the adults not me. Well you are wrong. This is a gift he gives to everyone. Maybe you don’t have a regular job and don’t pull in a paycheck like the adults do but there are different ways that you can contribute. Not to long ago we had a member of our youth group use their birthday as a way to benefit the congregation. Stop thinking about giving as something the grown ups are supposed to do and realize that giving is very much a spiritual matter and you are cutting yourself not only of that opportunity but also the blessings that come along with it. Don’t believe me? That’s cool, check out Malachi 3:8-10. Become the Target




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