There is no such thing as a Legitimate Reason


Have you ever explained to God why you did something wrong? Like tried to offer a reason for why you did something that was wrong? When I think about when I confess my sins to God I usually tend to offer and explanation of why I did it. Does that make it any less wrong? Does it make it ok that I did it? No. Does God say “Oh I can see how that happened?” No. The reason why you did something wrong doesn’t matter to God, all that matters is you did something outside his will. Now that sounds kind of scary doesn’t it? It means there is no legitimate reason to God. It means there is no way I can lessen the badness (is that even a word?) of what I did. And you know what that kind of doesn’t seem fair. I mean I’m not a bad person. I try to do what’s right, I shouldn’t have to feel bad about the things I do wrong. I do more good things than bad things, that should count for something. But it doesn’t. While that seems like a terrible deal its actually the best deal in the world. See since God doesn’t care about your reasons you have no way to justify yourself to Him. Since there is no way for you justify yourself, He did it for you. Since there is no explanation for what you did, God decided to forgive it. If you could explain any sin away, we would have to be able to explain ALL our sin away to be right with God again. When you try to explain to God why you aren’t that bad all you are doing is keeping the sin. You hold on to the guilt instead of letting Him take it from you. “I don’t need your forgiveness God, there is a reason that makes what I did not a sin.” God won’t forgive what you won’t give to Him. When you can come to Him like the tax collector and say “I’m a sinful man and I need your help,” THEN He can start working. So what are you holding on to? Become the Target




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