The User’s DO exist!


Tron Legacy is coming out this Saturday. Many of you think I’m a geek for wanting to see this movie so bad, and you are right I am a huge geek. I LOVE the first Tron and I’m excited to see what they do with the special effects available now. What many of you don’t know, unless you have talked with me about Tron, is that the only reason you have Transformers or any of the Pixar movies is because of the original Tron. When they set out to make this movie, computer animation was considered a novelty. What the people who were working on Tron was doing was unheard of and had never been done before. For Tron to make it to the screen a bunch of people had to believe that something could be done that had never been done. Then they had to set about the work of doing it. Did you know it took 6 computers the size of my office 30 hours to render 5 minutes of the movie Tron, a movie that is almost 2 hours long? Most of the people at Pixar came together while working on Tron. So why am I talking about it so much? Because Jesus did the same thing. He set out to do something that had never been done before. He got a bunch of people together to do something never heard of, and to this day we enjoy the benefits. If he hadn’t done what he did there would be no such thing as hope, forgiveness, and redemption. I think a lot of us take for granted the work that goes into the entertainment we enjoy. How much more to we take for granted the work and sacrifice it took for us to enjoy such a great thing as hope. If you haven’t done it sit down and watch Tron (or come to my house we can watch it together) and though you might find it cheesy or boring at least appreciate where the movies you love today came from. Then sit down and thank God that he recorded what those who went before us had to do so we can enjoy the freedom we have now. Become the Target




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