My Nephew is Amazing


Do you have a favorite sound? I do. My favorite sound is when I walk in to my brother-in-law’s house and my nephew says “HEY WOB!” I have yet to hear anything that makes me feel as good as my nephew being excited to see me.  He never fights giving me a hug or a kiss. When I hold my hands out he always comes to me. I don’t think I’m stepping outside my bounds to say that other than his father I’m his favorite. On Christmas I got to watch him open presents. It was the best Christmas gift I got. I got to watch him tear off the wrapping and open each gift with such joy. And it was pure joy too. As we get older it becomes less about getting a gift and more about getting what we wanted that we are excited about. It was so much fun to see the excitement every time the paper was removed and something with Thomas the Train was revealed.  I wonder if that’s how God feels when we are tearing through His word and find something that causes us to revel in joy like my nephew does on Christmas. Does He watch us and feel good because we got a gift that we knew nothing about. My nephew lives in joy. Sure there are moments where he’s hurt or scared but on the whole everything is new and everything is exciting for him. Isn’t that the ideal way to be? To be so curious about God’s world and filled with joy for the surprises it holds that we live in a constant state of joy and wonder? I love hearing my nephew say my name. I wonder if that’s why God wants us to pray. Not because of some weird prerequisite of being asked but because He likes to hear us call His name.  Jesus said that unless we become like a child we won’t see heaven. From watching Nathan I can see why. The fullness of God is shown in the smile of the innocent. Become the Target.




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