Where are you Miss Marvel?


This message is mostly to the girls but boys pay attention you are going to learn something too. I sat in a lot of classes where we were discussing the roles of women in the church and what I hear most often is the highest aspiration we give you is to make a good elder’s or deacon’s wife or a great cook. But as many of you have already studied in the class Abby taught there are a great deal of women in the Bible who were spiritual giants. You have Lydia who helped establish two congregations and Lois and Eunice who Paul praised as strong spiritual women. I think for too long all we have expected of you is to learn how to have a great deviled egg recipe and to be whatever a good elder’s wife means. You need to realize that God expects you to be spending just as much time in the word as it seems the men are required to do as well. Though God may have put men in the position of leadership in the church it doesn’t mean your ability to answer and discuss deep spiritual matters is any less important. Your opinion and your thoughts are just as important as anyone else’s in the church so that means you need to be in the word as much as anyone else. Lois and Eunice didn’t raise Timothy to be the man he was by making sure he had good food in front of him. They knew how to feed him spiritually. That meant they knew the scriptures, the spent time with God. Its time to stop taking it easy on you. A good elder’s or deacon’s wife doesn’t quietly do whatever her husband tells her, she educates herself so that she can help her husband make good decisions. The church needs more female spiritual giants. It’s time to step up and understand you are a child of God with all its benefits and responsibilities. Become the Target!




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