Honk if you love Jesus


I used to be obsessed with having the coolest bumper stickers and decals on my car. Up until recently I never really thought about why that much. As I was driving to the office today I saw a lady with a Misfits sticker on her window right after seeing a car with just about every single decal, magnet, and bumper sticker you could have about supporting the military on it, and I wondered, “Why do people feel the need to put stickers on their car?” I came up with an answer. Connection. We are all looking for some sort of connection to the people around us. When you see a car with the Decal for you school in the back window, or for your favorite team or band, or for anything you feel apart of, doesn’t that make you feel connected to them? Imagine if we decided to do a window decal and you were walking into a store and saw the decal for our youth group? Wouldn’t you be at least a little excited that there was probably some one you knew in the store too and you would be excited to find out who it is? The world is looking for a connection to something greater than itself. People are dying to feel a part of something. I believe that desire was put into us by God. The desire to be connected is the desire to be a part of His family. As members of His family lets reach out and show them the connection they are looking for. Become the Target.


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