No Fear


I John 4:18 says perfect love drives out all fear. But I still get afraid so have I not achieved perfect love? Well the easy answer to that is yes. Remember how we have talked about perfection not being without fault when it comes to Christianity but being completely mature. So my love is immature? Well yes, but that’s not what this is talking about I think. I think what John is trying to say is when our understanding of love matures we learn to fear less and less. A lot of people fear dying, but I don’t because I know that because of love, what comes next isn’t scary at all. But that’s a pretty big one lets choose one closer to home. I’m afraid that if I tell people why I don’t want to go to the party (or worse yet don’t tell them and go anyway) or that I don’t want to watch that movie or that I don’t want to go to that concert then they won’t want to be around me any more. As much as it sounds like an afterschool special, your real friends don’t need you do to what they want to be your friends. See the truth of the matter is that when your love for God and others is mature there is nothing you can’t say or do because you trust that love to be enough. Mature love is knowing that you will never be enough to deserve the love you are given and knowing that it is going to always be there for you anyway. That’s what love is. As a friend of mine says Know You Are Loved. Become the Target.




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