Here I come to save the day….most of it.


Imagine that you were driving down the road and saw a suburban lose control on a bridge, break through the railing, and careen off into a river. Inside are 6 people who can’t swim trapped inside. So you dive into the river, swim down to the car, and pull one of them to safety. Not satisfied with one you swim down and rescue another. A third person is rescued, you’ll be on the news for sure as a great hero. Again you dive back into the water and save a FOURTH person, and say to yourself, “Ok that’s enough, I’ve already saved more than most people, I’ll stop here. Its time for someone else to do their part.” And the other 2 drown. Are you still a hero or are you now a criminal? How often do we take that approach to our spiritual work? We are called to be a people who base their lives on love. Love doesn’t ask “How much do I have to do,” love asks “How can I help?” All too often we look for what the bare minimum we have to do with God to keep him happy. How much time do I HAVE to spend in His word, How many times to I HAVE to pray, how many times to I HAVE to be at church, before God will be pleased and let me do what I want. With that attitude no matter what you do you will never please God. A life sacrificed to doing whatever is possible is a pleasing aroma to God. Everything else is just gas. Become the Target.




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