Dog Catcher


We hear about joy all the time at church, but how many of us know what it is? Especially as a teen its hard to understand. I sit here at 32 and I’m not even sure I understand it, but I want to tell you a story that I think describes what I think joy is right now. My grandfather died of aggressive leukemia  when I was in college.  Hours before he died he was sitting in the hospital with 2 of my uncles who were discussing tamales. You see not far from my Granddad’s house there was a man called the Tamale King who our family traditionally bought tamales for family gatherings from. My uncle Larry was talking with the Tamale King and found out that he might not be making tamales for this Christmas because he didn’t know if he could afford it. When my uncle asked him why the Tamale king replied that things at his other job had gotten really slow.  My uncle Jerry asked what his other job was. My grandfather, being attacked by this vicious cancer, struggled and said, “Dog Catcher.” That’s joy. It’s the ability to be going through something terrible and realize that in the grand scheme its not that really a big deal. Just a few hours after that my Granddad would die, but I know he was happy about it. He knew that he was going to be free. Joy means being able to not take this world seriously because we know it doesn’t last. Become the Target




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