And Lo a hand came down from heaven…


So, what’s the big deal with finger pointing. It seems that we worry all the time that people don’t thing we are finger pointing. In my experience finger pointing has always brought about good. For instance, I know for a fact that God has a finger pointing at me all the time. While pointing the finger at me God says, “This is my child. This is the one I love. This is the one I would do anything for and have done everything for.” With this same finger God points at me and to things in my life and says, “This is interfering with our relationship. This is going to hurt you really bad and I don’t want you to do it. This isn’t how my children behave.” In both of these instances I realize how much I mean to God and what He wants for me. Maybe the problem is with humans pointing the finger at each other. Well I want you to point the finger at me. You may be the one God is using to send me the message that there is something interfering with my relationship with Him or, that I’m doing something dangerous. But before you start to point that finger I need you to study and pray. Then I need you to look and see if that finger you are pointed is covered by the larger hand of God. If the only finger pointing is yours, it might be time to pay attention to the cliché 3 fingers pointing back at you. There is on other kind of finger that might be pointing at you. It’s the finger of the world saying, “This guy is different.” Become the Target.


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