During the Olympics one of my favorite events to watch is the balance beam. Mostly because some of the requirements of the event cause people to do funny looking things, but I actually am quite impressed with the balance of these athletes. They are on a 4 inch wide plank doing flips and back hand springs. As most of you know I have trouble walking on a 4 foot wide sidewalk without tripping and these people regularly run down these things and do amazing feats of balance and strength. I have started to view life like those balance beam routines, especially the Christian life. When you first start off you are wobbly and you fall a lot, but with the help of coaches and other athletes with the same goal you start to get steadier on the beam. You start with simple things like walking down the beam and maybe jumping straight up. The longer you stay on the beam the more comfortable you become, and the more you are able to do. You watch those who have been doing it longer run, jump and flip and realize that if you keep working one day you will too. You also notice that no matter how good they seem to be at it, they still fall off too. But you don’t get better if all you do is stand off to the side of the beam and say, “I sure wish I could do that.” The only way to get better at it is to get on the board and when the time comes the you fall off you don’t stay on the ground, you get up and get back on the beam. Become the Target.




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