Honesty vs. Truth


Most times we don’t think about it but there is a very real difference between telling the truth and being honest. In my experience we tend to think that they are one in the same, but it very possible to tell the truth and still be dishonest. Lets say for instance that your best friend comes in wearing a horrendous outfit, but the blue in the outfit brings out the blue in their eyes. When they ask you, “How do I look,” you reply, “It really brings out the blue in your eyes.” Did you tell the truth? Yes you did, but were you honest? No you were not. So which does God prefer? Would He prefer us to tell the truth, or to be honest?  Well lets reverse the previous situation, now you are the friend who looks like a dweeb and you ask your friend how you look. Do you want them to tell the truth or be honest?  We approach God like He isn’t going to know when we aren’t being honest with Him. Like if we somehow give Him the right answer He’ll be pleased with us. So what exactly is the difference between truth and honesty? Truth is knowledge, honesty is understanding. So lets ask the question again? Does God want you to know Him or understand Him? The truth is both. Honestly, you can’t understand God if you don’t know about Him, but if all you are looking for is the right answer, all you will ever find is knowledge of who God is and never understand what he’s trying to say.  Truth is easy to find, He wrote a whole book about it. Understanding takes work. Work on understanding. Become the Target.




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