Love is like a lucky penny, hold it tight and you won’t have any.


I’ve only been gone for a few days but I have already expereinced many inspiring things. I have seen a man who was going into brain surger to remove a tumor ask for prayers, state that if he dies he gets to go home, if he lives he gets to share Christ and so he isn’t worried, and then lead How Great Thou Art in such a way that I could see in his face he meant every single word. I’ve seen a mountain that is so big I could see it from 200 miles away clearly. I’ve seen monsterous waterfalls and huge elk. All these things were deeply spirtual for me and it made me think of you and how bad I wanted all of you to have the same experience I did. And then I realized, just because you saw the same things I did didn’t mean you would feel the same way about it I would. No matter how bad I want to share this experience with you I can’t unless it is inside you. It kind of made me sad because I couldn’t just show you what I saw and have you feel the same joy I did. I think alot of us feel that frustration and sadness when we try and share the gospel with other people. We show them the scriptures that convicted and convinced us and they still don’t understand. Because this experience is so important to us we want to share it with other people. Sometimes the fact that they don’t see it discourages us from sharing it again. That’s kind of where I was in sharing Oregon with you. And then I thought they might not have the same experience but then again they might, but they won’t have it if I don’t share it. When you get to that point where you don’t want to share your faith anymore because you don’t think they will get it just remember this. If you do share it they might not get it, if you don’t the definately won’t. Become The Target!


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