Let me hear you say BAAAA!!!


I want you to consider the life of a sheep. Basically they get up in the morning to the voice of the shepherd calling them to be let out of the pin he put them in last night to keep them safe. He then leads them to a choice piece of meadow to spend the day eating grass and drinking water until he comes to put them back in the pin. During the day the shepherd spends his time watching for predators and looking for those sheep that wander away from the flock.  When the time is right the shepherd will take the sheep into a special area and shear the sheep and use the wool it has made to make something useful. There is nothing the sheep can do to make its wool grow faster, or stronger, or prettier. The life of a sheep is being taken care of all the time, following where they are led, and letting the shepherd take what is useful about them. I have worked with sheep and I find them to be pretty stupid so I always had a problem with being called a sheep in the Bible. I didn’t like being a mindless, dumb animal that would walk off a cliff if the shepherd led them there. It wasn’t until recently while reading Revelation chapter 7 that I realized there is no better example of our relationship with God, IF we will allow it. He will lead us to the perfect place to be. He will watch over us and watch for predators. He will find us and bring us back when we have our head down too long and wander away. If we let Him, He will take those things that we do in our nature and put them to use. He will heal us when we are injured. He will make sure that we always have the best things that we need. Working with sheep I have also found them to be incredibly stubborn. If they get it into their head there is something they don’t want to do, even if it is in their best interest, getting them to do it is near impossible. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Become the Target…..Sheep.


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