Lights, Camera, Action


What’s your favorite movie? It’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? I mean you may have a favorite right now but you never know what you’ll see next week. And your favorite movie right now may not have been your favorite movie last year.  But we all have a movie that we have loved for years and every time we watch it we love it just as much as the first time we watched it. Mine is Rio Bravo, it’s a John Wayne movie. Isn’t it strange how some movies will always entertain us no matter how many times we watch it. You ever wonder why? I mean we are all in a constant state of change. Our tastes in music change, our tastes in clothes change, our tastes in food changes, but why does that one movie maintain its relevance? I think its because some movies have a message or a theme that speaks directly to our soul and that message never changes. Or maybe its because the more we grow the more we understand about the story and it speaks to us in different ways.  What if we could take that and realize that the same applies to the Bible? What if we could understand that no matter how much we change the message and the theme of the Bible will never change and will always speak to us? What if we could realize that the more we grow the more we will be able to understand about what God is trying to tell us through His word? I think we would realize that the more times we involve ourselves in the story of the Bible we would see that there will always be things new to discover. Have you ever been watching a movie and seen something you’ve never seen before (like the Stormtrooper smacking his noggin on the blast doors?) Sometimes what you see is enough to change the whole meaning of the movie to you and that new idea shows you that what you used to think the movie was about couldn’t have been further off.  You never feel guilty about misunderstanding just excited that you learned something you never knew before. Approach your study of the Bible the same way. Study it expecting and hoping you see something new and more often then not you will.  Become the Target.



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