Not what but Who.


What is the bible to you?  I think to a lot of people it is a list of things they are supposed to be doing if they want to say they are a Christian. Almost like a to-do list of Christianity. Have we gotten to the point that what the Bible says to us is a checklist to make sure we are doing everything we are supposed to to please God? When we think like that we miss what the Bible actually is. Its not instructions, it’s a description. The examples we are giving in God’s word aren’t what you need to do to be a Christian, its what Christians do by nature.  Think about a baby learning to walk. One of the things we as human beings do by our nature is walk upright. But we don’t come out of the womb doing a 100 meter dash, we have to be taught how to walk. That’s a lot like what was going on in the New Testament. Lots of babies in faith were being born and so they needed to be taught to walk, eat, talk, etc. When Paul would write the instructions he wasn’t saying “If you want to be a Christian you have to do this, this, and this.” He was saying, “As a Christian these are the things that will become natural to you over time.” If we can stop looking at the Bible as requirements that we have to fulfill to please God and can start looking at it as a book that shows us our true nature, we can start to ask deeper more meaningful questions. Why did the early church take up a collection to help the Christians in Jerusalem? Why did the early church meet pretty much every day to fellowship? What was the purpose of an elder or deacon? What other parts of my nature have I not yet learned? Study of the Bible becomes a study of one’s self. We start to look at the people in the Bible and say to ourselves “I want to be like that so how do I do it?” We’ll start to walk just like the people who went before us. Stop trying to please God with what you do and start trying to become a person that by nature pleases God. Become the Target.



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