There is no need for…


Most of you were at work camp and heard Andy’s talk about how God doesn’t need you but how badly He wants you. His thoughts led me down a similar path. What exactly DOES God need from me? I mean I know the word says to give Him praise. I know it says to give Him honor. I know it says to give Him glory. But does he really NEED that from me? I mean the scripture says that the rocks and the trees can do all those things. So if rocks and trees can do what I am supposed to be doing, what does He need me for? The answer is, He doesn’t. C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors and he said “If He who in Himself can lack nothing chooses to need us, it is because we need to be needed.” I know that it is a little confusing so I want to rephrase that a little bit and see if it can’t make a little more sense. Basically he was saying that IF God doesn’t need anything at all, but we still feel like He needs us, then he must have designed us for a relationship with Him. That is both incredibly honoring and humbling. Nothing I can ever give God will be something He needed from me. He doesn’t need my love, He doesn’t need my praise, He doesn’t even need a relationship with me, BUT He wants all those things from me SO desperately that He put it into my design to feel needed by Him. God gave up His son, Christ gave up His Life, and the Holy Spirit gave up being in heaven all to be with me. When you fully understand that you won’t be able to keep from praising Him. You won’t be able to stop doing things that bring Him Honor. You will be incapable of doing anything but that which will bring more glory to God. When you grasp this people will wonder what has happened to you, and you can simply say, “I am Wanted.” Become the Target



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