It’s in there!


Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a member of another faith. We were talking about how her faith tends to change every so often on their stance on certain issues. Her defense was that sometimes there are things that were OK to do at one time but not now, and used as her example having multiple wives. She believed that God sanctioned that practice and when I asked her where the Bible said that was ok she showed me several verses that simply said that some one had multiple wives. And that got me to thinking. How many times do we just assume that God allows or doesn’t allow something simply because it is in the Bible. Please understand that I’m not talking about those times where God specifically allows or doesn’t allow something, I’m talking about those times where there is simply and example of something happening in the Bible. God never intended men to have multiple wives, if he had he would have made Adam more than one woman. He even told Saul not to amass 2 things: horses and wives. But Rob, a lot of people in the Bible had more than one wife so surely God was ok with it. Every time I see mention of more than one wife, a human has at some point done something outside of God’s plan, AND it never works out well for anyone. So what can we learn from this. The Bible isn’t simply a book of things God allows or doesn’t allow, its also a book of examples of why God wants things this way. Every event in the Bible serves a purpose. Some give instruction. Some give information. Some give inspiration. Some give correction, and some give you and example on why this may or may not be the best course of action for you. Just because its in the Bible doesn’t mean God wants it to happen. MAYBE he’s trying to let you learn from some one else. Become the Target.



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