Sorry about all the confusion


Hey Everyone, I have been told this might be confusing so if it is, good. I hope in your search for what in the world I’m talking about you find something new about God in the process!!

I know we just got back from camp and you might be tired of hearing about I John but there is something that I want you to see.  I John 3 says that you are a child of God. Its easy to overlook that or to not fully understand what it means to be a child of God. I want to break this down into the simplest of concepts. If I am a child of God then that means I belong to the same classification of being. Does that mean I’m diety? No but what it does mean is that you are not human. OK so what? Well first of all it takes away the excuse that when you sin that “I’m only human.” No you aren’t. In fact John goes on later in that chapter to say that if you are child of God you carry the seed of God and therefore you cannot continue in sin. So what that means is when you sin you are doing something that is contrary to your true nature. Think of it like a cat somehow managing to bark. Isn’t even the thought of that just ridiculous? Its no different then try to say that sinning is an inevitable part of your nature. So what does that mean? It means that the expectation from God is for you not to sin, but since God isn’t an idiot, he knows that from time to time you are going to go against your nature. So he made figured out how to make it right but it came at a cost. Even further John says that the way that we know what love is, is that Christ laid down his life for us. The law we break when we sin isn’t a law of rules or statutes, it’s the law of love. Anytime we act in an unloving way, we are guilty of breaking God’s law. So God sent his son to make an expression of love that has never been nor ever will be duplicated. Christ never broke the law of love and in dying for us he wrote the new law of love: Be willing to give up everything to show God’s love to a crippled world. Big responsibility huh? Good thing we aren’t on our own. We are a family that should be committed to showing His love at all costs, no exceptions. Become the Target!



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