Don’t you wanna…?


Abby told me a story about one of her experiences in Africa that made me laugh and made me kind of sad at the same time. It was Sunday and they were all trying to figure out what to do for the Lord’s Supper that morning. The store wasn’t going to open in time for them to get grape juice and so they were going to have to find something else for the fruit of the vine. One suggestion was made to use tomato juice that was available and another was to order a glass of red wine from the hotel they were staying in. Abby even suggested raisin water which is basically just boiling a bunch of raisins. What an elder on their trip decided to use was….Grape Fanta. This is the part where I laugh and you will too when I explain it to you. Tomatoes are actually a fruit that grows on a vine so that would have been unorthodox but did follow the example of fruit of the vine. Raisin water, while disgusting, would still have been fruit of the vine. I think it goes without saying that red wine would have worked since that’s what Jesus used when he did it the first time. Grape Fanta contains apple juice, pear juice, and grape flavoring. Of all the options presented the choice was made to use the least qualified solution. Why this is the choice is what makes me sad. It was chosen because it was what was closest to what was “normal.”  It was purple and it tasted like grape so that’s good enough. Except for there was no fruit of the vine involved. We were given an example, while I’m sure had Grape Fanta been the only option I wouldn’t have a problem with it,  and familiarity won out.  While it would be easy to criticize the elder for making this choice, I want you to instead look at the times you might have ignored God’s instruction to do what felt familiar. How many times have we actually chose the one thing that is furthest from what God actually wanted us to do or what instructions we are given because, you know, it looked and tasted like what it was supposed to be. Sometimes God’s plan for you is going to look nothing like what you think it should. He’ll put options in your life and you can choose any one of them and still be doing His will. When the choice is in front of you, don’t choose the Grape Fanta. Become the Target.



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