I’m So Excited!


In Acts 20 there is a story about Paul meeting with some Christians so long that one of the people passed out and fell out of a window and died. I always thought this was a cautionary tale for preachers not to be long winded.  But when I think about it why would anyone stay around for a sermon that was that long? I mean it wasn’t like they were at an formal worship service like we have, they were at someone’s house in their upstairs room. They could have left anytime they wanted. So why would you listen to a sermon for that long? The answer is I don’t think they did. I don’t think Paul was preaching, he was having a discussion. Think back to Wednesday night and the discussion we were having. Remember how none of you wanted to leave that conversation where it was? That’s what I think they were doing. They were talking with Paul about something that was brand new and exciting to them. They didn’t have the New Testament like we do. They had it in the flesh and the only time they could get their questions answered or get new information was to ask Paul or one of the apostles when they were blessed enough to have them in their town. I won’t answer for everyone but I left Wednesday night excited about being a Christian and encouraged because of the conversation we had. That’s what we are supposed to be doing when we get together. That’s why the church got together as often as they did at the beginning. IT wasn’t to have a gospel meeting, hear a guest speaker preach, or have a formal worship service. They were getting together to talk about their faith and the new things they were learning and experiencing. How when they went to hear scripture read in the synagogue they were hearing new meaning and new evidence of the truth of what God said. I’m sure not every time they got together was as exciting as our Wednesday night was, and our discussions won’t always be that exciting either. The reason Wednesday night was so awesome for me was that it felt more like that meeting in that upper room than a bunch of high school kids in a carpetless theatre. Thank you for that and strive for it again. Become the Target!



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