I have a dream


Please forgive me for not posting these last few weeks. I have been going hard at getting our Youth Activity Center renovated and have been last minuting everything. Now things should pretty much calm down so I should get back on task for all 4 of you that read this haha!

I recently found a quote from a friend of mine that really got me thinking. “Sometimes you have to shirk off other peoples expectations and rise to your God given potential.” Have you ever spent so much time trying to be what other people expect you to be that you didn’t stop to be what God designed you to be? We spend so much time trying to be a good student, player, cheerleader, actress, etc that its easy to be distracted from what God designed us to be. I’m not saying that God didn’t design you to be all of those things, what I’m saying is have you stopped long enough to make sure? I think all too often we have assumed that the American Dream and God’s will are the same thing. Consider all the people who served him. God called Hosea to marry a prostitute who would continually leave him and go back to prostitution.  He told Ezekiel to cook his food over his own poo to prove a point. Gross I know but God had a reason for it. I don’t think God has any of that planned for you but don’t think that being a Christian means you are destined for a life of affluence and success. Could be that what God wants for you is to shine bright in your poverty. It could be that He wants you to work hard for not much money so that your attitude while doing so will show the people you work with that you know Who is really putting food on the table.  I think its also important to note that Jesus wasn’t rich. He was the son of a tradesman. He was a carpenter by trade. He worked very hard for the income he got. If Jesus, the son of God himself, was not promised nor did he get “The American Dream” you would be foolish to expect the same. Take the blessings God gives you and praise Him with them but remember you aren’t entitled to them. Remember the bible says that Jesus was homeless, he “has no place to lay his head.” Become the Target



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