You so KWAZY


One of my favorite gifts from God is our sense of humor. Everyone has a different aspect of God’s sense of humor so we all find different things funny. I think I have his sense of the ridiculous. Looking at the things he created always makes me laugh. Think about it. He knew ahead of time we were going to try and break down and classify all of the things he created so he makes things like the platypus (AGENT P!) and basically says “Ok classify that.” It has a bill like a duck, fur like a mammal, lays eggs like a reptile, and is amphibious. One of my favorites is the hippo. It is probably one of the goofiest looking animals on the planet BUT it is one of the deadliest. More people die in Africa every year from hippo attacks than lion attacks. He made a bird called a penguin that can’t fly and whose feathers are more like hairs than feathers. I think God likes to laugh. Instead of just limiting how tall trees can grow in Africa he made a giraffe to keep the tree tops trimmed down. I also God likes to do things so that we can laugh at the things going on in our life. One of my life’s philosophies is that there is no problem to big to laugh at. In my opinion there is nothing in my life that is so hugely bad that it can overshadow God’s power. The problem might require real honest and hard work but that is no reason I can’t find something to laugh at all the way through it. Is that joy? I’m not sure but for me it is. I try to find humor in anything. I think if we don’t do that we start to despair and that is something the enemy LOVES us to feel cause he can really mess with us when we despair. But if I can look at a hopeless situation and find something to laugh at I can take the despair out of it. I can take the power out of it. I can look at it and say this is terrible but God is going to work something great out if it so I will just laugh at the enemy’s attempts to make me see only what’s wrong with it. Maturity is knowing when to joke and when to be serious and knowing that the times to be serious are few and far between. Become the Target.



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