I Remember


Ten years ago I was sitting in a biology class at OC with two of my friends, struggling to pay attention. OC had issued us laptops and a brand new wifi system which made it next to impossible to accomplish this. I had one of my instant messaging programs on and I got a message from my mom that an plane had collided with the World Trade Center. The first thing that went through my mind was how in the world do you not see a building that huge? I tried to get on any news website to get more information but they were all overloaded. So I just went back to “paying attention.” Then I got another instant message, “A second plane has hit the second building.” Even then my thought was, “What is wrong with that air traffic controller?” The next message I got was that a third plane had just flown into the Pentagon and that a fourth was headed towards the White House. That’s when it sunk in; We were under attack. I raised my hand and interrupted my teacher, informed her of what had just happened, and asked to be excused. She replied with ending class and suggested we all get to a TV. I got there just in time to see the first building fall. It never occurred to me that there would still be people inside. I didn’t realize that there was a team of men on suspended scaffolding cleaning windows that couldn’t get down. At that time it was no different than a building demolition to me. Now I know, there several daycares in the building. I lived in Oklahoma City, a city that Is no stranger to terrorist activities. The whole city tensed. Just before chapel we learned that the passengers had overthrown the terrorist in the fourth plane and crashed it into the ground, and the second tower had done the same. Chapel that day was very quiet and the songs seemed to me to take on a new sincerity. A bunch of people who had the misfortune of being healthy enough to go into work that day, children who got to go to work with mommy or daddy that day, and eventually people who only wanted to help find anyone that survived died because of ignorance and hate. Most of you were 7 at the most and probably never really knew what was going on. Ignorance and hate killed 2819 people. 19 men used there relationship with their God to justify their murder. The truth is they were ignorant of the teachings of their leader. They had listened to some one who had filled them with such hatred that they were willing to give up their own lives for that hate. Islam is based on a Middle Eastern view of love. They worship the God of Abraham. YOU worship the God of Abraham. A lot of people started hating Islam that day, a religion that had pretty much ignored until that day. Even my first response was that there needed to be a new crater made in the middle east. Because of my ignorance and hate I wanted a bunch of people I didn’t know, who had done nothing to me to die because of what 19 men did. PLEASE see that 2 of the strongest weapons in the Enemy’s arsenal are ignorance and hate. When you combine those two things great and terrible things can and will happen. The best defense is education and love. Study of God’s word can keep men from filling you with hate. The more you study the more you’ll realize that your mission from God is to find a way to love those people that hate you. People who love don’t fly planes into buildings. People who love don’t kill people that have done nothing to them. On September 11th, 2001 our whole way of life was changed because of hatred and ignorance. I will never forget that day. On that day, I was the Target.


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