When I was a kid He-Man was my favorite cartoon. I had a bunch of the action figures and I even had the sword that glowed in the dark. I know that probably means nothing to you because you have never seen He-Man. Not too long ago Netflix put it on streaming and of course I started watching it again. I STILL LOVE IT! The animation is terrible and the voice acting is laughable but there is something they had that is missing in the cartoons of today, a point. At the end of every episode of He-Man one of the characters would come on and talk about the episode and a lesson we could learn that would help us be a better person. G.I. Joe had it too. It seemed like the people who were writing the series didn’t just want to entertain us but wanted to improve us too. Now it seems like all the cartoons are ads for toys (yes I know the G.I. Joe cartoon was marketing for the toys but still) or just mindless. Its almost as if society has given up on doing anything but entertaining you. There is no drive in the world to improve the world that they live in. Its almost as if everyone is giving up on improving themselves and the world they live in.  In fact the only cartoon I can think of that has the characters come up at the end to give you a moral is Veggie Tales, but that’s not the world is it? What that shows me is that we are the only ones who really care about making things any better. Kind of a deep message to get from Saturday morning cartoons huh? Basically what that means if you don’t care enough about the people around you to speak up when you see them doing things that will hurt them, or if you don’t take the initiative to make the world you have to live in better, no one else is. The time where we can sit back and let morality and human decency come from a source other than us is over. Its time to get to work. Become the Target!



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