YOU are holy.


I have struggled with the word holy for a long time. I never knew what it meant and I had trouble calling God something that I didn’t know the meaning of.  I looked it up and all the definitions talked about being devoted to the service of God, or godly, or having a spiritually pure quality. So I’m telling God that he is…Godly? That makes no sense to me.  So I looked for more answers and I finally looked to Hebrew for an answer (didn’t know I could do that did you?) The word we translate as holy is the word Qadosh in Hebrew and that word means set apart or distinct. Ok now we are getting a little closer. I can get behind a word that describes God as set apart or distinct. When we see set apart we usually think something like chosen out of a group or separated from. The word holy goes much further than that. What the word is meant to imply is that is so far from what we know it is indescribable. There are no words to describe God as He truly is with the words and expressions we have. He is so different from us we can’t even begin to describe Him. Ok I feel better about that word now. But wait there’s a problem, I Peter 1:15-16 says I’m supposed to be holy like HE is holy. I’m pretty describable. Big, bald, goofy looking dude; see that was easy. So how in the world am I supposed to become so set apart that there aren’t words to describe me? It also that God has made me holy. That doesn’t mean that I was chosen to play for God’s team, it means I am like Him, indescribable. It means everyone else isn’t going to understand me. It means that people aren’t going to understand why I do the things that I do. It means that I’m different than the rest of the world. When I became a Christian I am no longer human but holy. I am not holy for any other reason than God made me that way. I should not be surprised when the world doesn’t understand me. Become the Target.



2 thoughts on “YOU are holy.

  1. Gail Hess


    Wendy just recently told me about something she had read on your blog and I had never even seen your blog. I want to tell you that I am so uplifted by everything I have read. You have a way with words that reaches down deep. Thanks for encouraging even us old people.


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