Time is not on your side, no it ain’t.


When I was 9 years old, I would sneak out of my bedroom and go read in the bathroom because I was too afraid to go to sleep. It wasn’t the dark or that I thought monsters were in my closet. I knew 3 things: I had done things that were wrong, I had not been baptized, and if I died I would not go to heaven. The thought of going to sleep and not waking up scared me to death. I’m not sure why I understood all this at age 9; that’s really early to be aware of your standing with God in my opinion. What I do know is that at that age I knew how unimaginably important being baptized was. Many of you have grown up in the church, and at this point, still haven’t made that decision or haven’t put enough thought into it to be able to make that decision. I don’t say this to guilt you into doing it. If you are doing it for me, it’s pointless.  When I pray for each of you everyday and I get to those of you that have not become Christians, that old fear pops up again. In my opinion, if you know you have sin and you know what the consequences of sin are AND you don’t want to suffer those consequences, you know enough to get in that water. I don’t know if you realize you may not have plenty of time. I don’t know if you understand that this isn’t a lifestyle choice; it is choosing to live. This is the part where I say I don’t want to push you into this, and I am not trying to get you to decide because I want you to. What I want you to see is just how important this is and just how short the time may be. This isn’t some choice that really doesn’t change anything, it’s a choice that changes EVERYTHING! If you haven’t done it because you just haven’t thought about it, THINK ABOUT IT. If you aren’t doing it because of what it might change or what you might have to give up, let me tell you, it’s worth absolutely EVERYTHING.  Whatever your reasons are, trust me, they aren’t worth your life. Take some time, talk to your friends who are baptized, talk to your parents, talk to me, and then make a choice. It’s up to you. Become the Target.



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