What’s the Deal with Mosquitos?


I hope you’ll excuse the deluge of updates on my blog. I realized I had not posted the last 3 weeks posts and so you get them all shotgunned at you today!


What’s the first thing you are going to do when you get to heaven? I’ve always wanted to know what the deal was with mosquitoes. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to meet David and hang out with my granddad again. I have all kinds of questions to ask God when I get there. The fact of the matter is I know what each and everyone of us will do when we get to heaven. First, we will fall flat on our face. Every single person who has come into even the partial presence of God fell to his face. People like Moses, Joshua, Saul, and John fell on their face when they saw him. Second, you will be acutely aware of how much your life was in opposition to God and realize that God would be perfectly just in turning you away. You would know that He would be perfectly justified in ending your existence and that He has the ability to do it. You would only be able to stand if He told you that you could. The next thing you would realize is that you are in the presence of pure love. Not that God loves you, but that He IS love. That understanding would be so overwhelming that you would be able to say nothing but “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty who was, and is, and is to come.” Basically, the only thing you would be able to say is WOW! How arrogant have we become that we think that when we get to heaven we will ask God to explain anything? Being with Him will make you understand that none of it matters any more.  What we will all have in common is the “awe of God”. We have made God too small. We go to Him in prayer with problems that He needs to fix. He’s our handy dandy life repair man. We have forgotten that God is the most amazing thing we will ever come in contact with. We pay respect to Him with our mouths as the creator of everything, but with our actions and the way we treat Him, He would appear to be nothing more than our servant. Make no mistake — He is all Power and Glory and Love. And He knows you. Become the Target!!!


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