Yeah Right


It always starts to scare me when I think I’m 100% right about something regarding God’s will. To me that’s like saying I know 100% without a doubt exactly what God is thinking. It feels like I’m saying I actually know the mind of God. For me to be able to fully understand the mind of God I have to either think that either I’m greater than I actually am or that God isn’t as great as He should be. There are things that he has explained to us that we can know for sure. We can know for sure about our salvation. He has spelled that out in no uncertain terms that it is available and how you go about getting it. We can know 100% that God loves us no matter what we do. He wrote a whole book about how much He loves us. But when I start to believe that my understanding of things that God doesn’t just come out and say is the only way things can be understood I start getting into dangerous territory. We have an extreme example of that in the Westboro Baptist church. If you haven’t heard about them yet I’m quite surprised. These people use their understanding of scripture to spread hate and anger. They believe that not only is their interpretation the ONLY way to understand scripture, but that anyone who doesn’t think like them is evil. That’s where we end up when we start having faith in our own understanding. The Holy Spirit was left here to help us understand what was written and in my experience He only gives of as much understanding as we can handle. We may think we know something that in a few years we will look back and say, “Well I think I had the basic idea but I really didn’t understand it at all.” And that’s good. That’s how the bible can be both unchanging and a living word. The meaning never changes but our understanding does. I think at some point we all pay lip service to the fact that we will never understand everything in the bible and then go out and live our lives contrary to that. There is so much about the mind of God I don’t understand. I don’t ever want to limit the lessons the Holy Spirit can teach me by thinking I’m right. Become the Target.


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