The Good Samaritan REMIX!!!!!!


Have you ever had a “Good Samaritan” experience? I hadn’t either until Tuesday. I was on my way to lunch, came down with a case of the dumb, and ran out of gas on the McCullough overpass of 410. I was stuck about 20 yards from the light right in the way of all this traffic. I called roadside assistance and was informed that it would take about 40 minutes for them to get to me. Yay, I’m stuck in a high traffic area with no gas and a huge car. So first I tried to see if I could push the beast up over the crest and then ride the slope down. Didn’t happen. So I turned my hazard lights on put ‘er in park and waited hoping some one would come and help me at least move the car out of the dangerous place I was in. For the next 30 minutes I watched business men walk past me from the Double Tree to the mall. I watched countless cars and trucks angrily zip by me and give me dirty looks. I even had one car pull up behind me come almost bumper to bumper with me and then blare the horn at me. I guess the hazard lights and the fact that the car wasn’t moving wasn’t enough for them to know I was in trouble. While I sat in my car I watched a man across the street panhandling and ogling every woman that walked past him. I thought I would gladly buy him lunch if he would come help me. I saw a man in the parking lot having a heated conversation with some one in a car and thought well maybe he’ll see and come help. And then at the end of that 30 minutes two guys that might have been in their early twenties (is was hard to tell because the drugs had done so much to their bodies) notice me while walking to pick up their copies of Modern Warfare 3. One of the guys had a shirt that offered his idea of romance for drugs and I thought “They are just going to point and laugh and go on their merry way.” And sure enough I saw one nudge the other and point at my car. Then all of a sudden they turn left and head straight for my car. “Lets get you out of traffic,” he said. While we were pushing the car across the intersection the panhandler makes his way over to the car apparently to help us, “Hey man you got any change?” We get to a safe place, I park the car, and inform the two guys that I just ran out of gas and thank them for their help. They went on their merry way and I was left with the man still having the heated discussion in the parking lot. The man turns out to be the security guard of the shopping complex, “What is the world coming to when people won’t stop and help people who obviously need it?!” Assistance comes and I drive to Freebird’s to have the free lunch I had won, and there sit my two saviors. They are excited to see me, and I determine to buy them a couple of brownies but by the time I get to check out I see them outside the door on the way home with their game. Had I not ran out of gas I probably would have sat in that Freebird’s and thought ill of the two drug addicts who helped me when no one else would. Become the Target.


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