The 90 and 9


WE ARE THE 99%! That’s the rallying cry of the Occupy Wallstreet movement. A lot of people have a lot of strong opinions about this movement, some positive some negative. This rallying cry is taken from a statistic that says that 99% of the world’s wealth is held  by 1% of the world’s population. The claim is that those in the Occupy Wall Street movement are that impoverished 99%. The problem is that statistic is talking about worldwide poverty. That statistic also goes on to say that if you have a roof over your head, food to eat every day, clean water to drink, and clothes to wear you are part of that 1% holding 99% of the world’s wealth. What I notice is there are no protestors involuntarily naked. There are none going hungry for weeks. There are people bringing them bottled water. They have a home to go to even if they choose to sleep in the park. While I disagree personally with what they are doing and saying I don’t agree with the people who are vehemently against the movement either. That side usually says that they deserve the wealth they have because they have worked for it. The problem with both sides of this argument is a sense of entitlement. It makes me think: how often to we approach God with a sense of entitlement? How many times do we ask Him for help thinking He HAS to help us because we deserve His help? How often do we get mad and protest because it wasn’t in His will for us to have our way? How can we approach God with anything but gratitude? Not only does God know what we need, He knows what we need better than we do.  You may work for God and you may have done things that by worldly standards are deserving of reward but remember we were so far in debt to God because of our sins the only way out of it was for God to repay our debt for us. If we choose to measure things by worldly standards then the only thing God owes us is death. How great is it that He chooses to measure things by grace and mercy! In this time where consumption is glorified, remember that all that you have is by the grace of God. Become the Target.



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