Creative Arts not just a class.


Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about art. My favorite kind of art is of course comic books but I am aware of and appreciate lesser forms of art. When I think about the different ways people can express themselves through all kinds of different types of art I wonder if we haven’t been lax in expressing ourselves. You have avenues like music, painting, photography, sculpture, writing,  and we even have digital forms of art now. I also think about some of the most well known works of art and the inspiration behind them. Many of them were inspired by the artists relationship with God. Everyone knows what the Sistine Chapel is and I can almost guarantee you have at least seen a picture of the art there, whether you knew it or not, that’s another story. Books like Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia (two series that have been on the best seller list so long they remove them) were Tolkien and Lewis’s desire to express how they felt about God. In a time where most Christian art has become what will sell at Family Christian bookstore I wonder what happened to all the artists who used to use the talents God gave them to create beautiful things that are inspired by Him? Have we limited our acts of worship to what we do here on Sunday’s and Wednesdays? You have a talent at something. Some of you are funny. Some of you are great athletes. Some of you were given fantastic voices. Some of you knit, weave, and braid. Some of you draw. Some of you write fantastic stories. Inspire your generation by the things you can create when you draw on your relationship with God to inspire you. If you are having trouble drawing inspiration its because your relationship the God isn’t what it could be. Art can come from anger, jealousy, pain, hate and still be something that is remembered. The most beautiful art comes from love and there is nothing more beautiful than the love God is for us. Express yourself. Become the Target.



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