A Christmas Story


Next Sunday is Christmas. How much of the history of Christmas do you actually know? I know that you know its not actually Jesus’ birthday but what do you know about it beyond that? When it started they were hoping that it could absorb and replace a holiday called Saturnalia. This was a holiday to celebrate the god Saturn and was basically just a month long party. But there were a couple of traditions that make this interesting. First the world turned upside down during this month. All the slaves were now the masters and basically all the peasants were running Rome. It was also during this time that the upper class celebrated Juvenalia, a celebration of the children of Rome, and the birthday of Mithra (not to be confused with Mothra) the unconquerable god of the Sun. Mithra was born from a rock and his birthday was considered the most holy of days by a lot of Romans. There are some people that believe that claiming that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus is wrong. I would agree. Jesus wasn’t born on December 25 and if we are celebrating that as the day of his birth we would be inaccurate. BUT if we are celebrating just the fact that the Christ was born what better time? We have no way to find out when he was born but we do know that he was born. He was born in a strange way, granted not from a rock but still a virgin birth is definitely ever bit as unusual. Jesus is in fact the undefeatable God of Light, what is more he IS the light. What did his life do? It turned the world upside down, for EVERYONE. So basically the Romans were celebrating who Jesus was YEARS before he was born, just under the wrong name. So during this time you don’t have to throw Jesus a birthday party but be excited that he was born. Because he was born you have hope, you have light, and you have the right to go from being a peasant to a prince. It’s a beautiful world he made, came to, and saved. Because he was born heaven is an option. Become the Target!



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