You gotta fight….for your right….to beeeeeeeeeelieve


Have you ever experienced discrimination? I’m a white guy so I had witnessed it but never been the victim of it. New Years Eve Abby and I were out watching the neighborhood light off fireworks and talking to one of the three people in the neighborhood that were nice to us when another one of our neighbors came up and introduced herself to us. When she asked what I did I told her that I was a youth minister and she informed me that her and her wife, as she introduced her had been stand offish to us because they were atheists. Here was a woman who knew nothing about me, she didn’t know who I was or what I believed, and she had decided to treat me different because I had parked a church van outside of my house a couple of times. Later on she said that someday we should sit down and argue our sides. I told her I wasn’t going to argue with her because God didn’t make me believe in Him I chose to and so I had no right to tell her what to believe. I also told her that I would prefer that she knew how much God loved her but she can believe what she wants. Now I could have accepted the offer and sat down and argued my point with her but what could would it have done. She already has a prejudice against me so all she would have heard was what she wanted to hear so she could strengthen her own belief. Sometimes the way you fight the hardest for the Lord is not to fight at all. God is an all powerful and all mighty God and doesn’t not need me to fight with people to prove He exists. The sun rising every morning is proof enough of that. If we choose not to believe in Him, He gives us that option. Sometime I think we get too caught up in defending God that we miss entirely the mission we are set out on. That mission is not judgment or defense. We are called to offense. We are supposed to be aggressively loving people and to me attacking their beliefs or who they are is not how I get that done. I get that done be seeing that even if everything they do is an offense to God, HE still loves them. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Become the Target.



One thought on “You gotta fight….for your right….to beeeeeeeeeelieve

  1. Gail Hess


    Thanks for always being so inspiring. I am so glad God sent you into Abby’s life and therefore our lives. We miss you guys.

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