Laugh and the world laughs with you


Recently Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote a play called “The Book of Mormon” based on an episode of South Park they wrote. It was written to mock the Mormon religion no matter what they say now. The funny thing is, all the Mormons who have gone to see it have found it funny. I don’t think that was the reaction Trey and Matt wanted but they rolled with it. The funny thing about the play is that they found humor in things that were absolutely true about the Mormon religion. They didn’t make anything up or change any of the history to make the play funnier. They just offered it from a different perspective. The Mormon church could have spoken out and railed against it, it was after all written to make fun of them. Instead they chose to laugh at it. Of course what they believed didn’t makes sense to outsiders and from that point of view it is really funny. Now I don’t agree with the teachings of the Mormons I do agree with their response. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, or agree that some of the stuff that we do would look bizarre to people who aren’t in the church, we show that we can’t see things from other people’s perspective. The other thing being able to laugh at ourselves does is makes it harder for people to WANT to make fun of us. If you can laugh at the things people see, if you can find the humor in it, they might be more interested in why you follow it anyway if it seems funny. Only arrogant people who think they are always right can’t laugh at themselves. I personally believe there is no problem in the world too big to laugh at. It takes all the fear and the desperation out of the situation. If you can find a way to laugh at what’s going on it makes it easier to deal with. God gave us a sense of humor so that we could appreciate that everything here is temporary. As bad as anything is the best joke of all is that after you die it doesn’t matter. Its even funny how important we seem to make things here when the reality is, in heaven, none of these problems really exist. Take time to laugh at yourself. It will make your life a lot happier! Become the Target!


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